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Ok, it's been a while. A very long while as a matter of fact.
A lots been going on and everything has been going very well.
Yesterday was a lot of fun. After school I hung out with Dave for a little then walked him to work. Lauren, Danielle, Mikel and Colin came later and we went to the chineese food place. Haha, I don't think we are very welcome there anymore. To start with, me and Col didn't want chineese food so we stoped by the pizza place to pick up slices. Hah it was funny, while we were in there Col had a wonderful idea of making a blowdart out of a straw and toothpicks. Haha Frankie thought it was such a good idea, he's so sicckkk. OK so we brought the pizza slices into the chineese food place. Places don't usually let you do that but I've done it before so I knew it was ok and I thought it would have been with them since we are basically the reason they are still in business and that Mikel Lauren and Danielle were buying food. But while we were all at the chineese place Mikel and Col thought it would be a good idea if they started a spit ball fight. Haha Mikel got a few on the window and it was ickkyy. I wasn't really paying attention during this time because I was looking at Laurens Flordia pictures on her new not broken camera.But then the chineese lady that is usually our friend came over and started to yell at Col and it was like yosupbitch get out my face. So then we were all like wow that's gay, and then Lauren went to go pay. Apparently the chineese lady gave her a attitude too and MeHooLingChing was all like You know a lot of places don't usually let people with outside food come in blah blah but if they are going to make a mess I'm going to have to stop allowing them in here blah blah and then she went on to repeat herself three times and Laur was like Yo bitch I got it the first time... and then we left and went to KK. Col and Danielle were running around and shit and we were kind of obnoxious.. but not much more than usual. And then this old gay man came up to us and was like Yo you're going to have to leave you can't have that skateboard in here. But it was so gay because he wasn't even on it, he was just holding it. Hah it was so stupid. After that we went back to Laurens and we beat THAW which was pretty cool. Then at 730 I went to the movies with Ginaina and Courtney and then this kid Chris came and then Jim and Nick came. Yeah so we saw that movie about the special olympics. It was ok, it had it's moments. It's so stupid though because they made it into like a feel good family movie. It was supposed to be brutal and ruthless! Argsldnflsbdf. Oh well. So after that me and Ginaina went to Red Lobster because everyone else had to go home. We had a lot fun, we talked a lot about everything. I love hanging out with her! Hah, so yeah after that we dropped her home and it was like 1130 and I was tired so I went to bed.
The end
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