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Ughhh today SUCKED
I went Christmas shopping for my friends because I'm a jackass and waited last minute.
God, I learned my lesson. But to top it off for some reason I thought going to the mall would be a good idea. Yeah I was so wrong. So I spent like 15 minutes looking around FYE for anything.. left enpty handed. Then I went to GameStop..left empty handed. So then I was like yo fuck this man and went to Best Buy and got everything. That made life so easy.
So, today I learned a valuable life lesson.
Start christmass shopping in March
I'll write it down in my remember book. NEVER will I ever wait untill last minute again.
And to top it off my mom is in a bitchy mood as always.
I was supposed to hang with Dave tonight but now I think my mom is going to make me do laundry instead which realllllyyy pisses me off alot. I'm going to see if he can come over so then I can hang out with him and do laundry at the same time? I don't think my mom will agree to it because it's rude, but I'm going to try for it anyway.
Yeah, and Muffy is really pissed of at me because I'm a horrible friend and it sucks.
Shes been apologizing for flipping out on me on the phone last night, but I know shes not really sorry because I know I've been an asshole.
Ughh, but what is there to do.
Peace out kids.
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