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Ok, it's Monday. Of course this is going to be a bad entry.
First off, I was like sick all weekend and which totally sucked gay alien dick. But I got out of going to the doctors which I'm really happy about because my mom is lameee.
Second off, apparently I have like an identical twin...which is really creeping me out because she looks exactly like me. Muffs friend found some picture in some magazine from Warped Tour and there was a girl that just so happened to look like a total clone from me. God help this world if there is more than one of me. But yeah, so now I can't get over this, and neither can anyone else...because it's just that scary. If you haven't seen it yet just tell me to bring the article to school so I can show you. I wish I was fucking exaggerating.
Third off, my math teacher sent my mom an email telling her that I currently have "just below a C" which is a nice way of saying a big fat fucking D. Well, at least she was nice about it? I'm not going to say that my mom didn't care, because she did, she just didn't like yell at me. I know, I was kind of creeped out too. I though she'd rip my head...but I had an excuse. Every weekend I have been asking her to find a math tutor for me and she has been putting it off.. but I'm not blaming it on her if thats what you think I'm getting to.. I know I just suck at life and at math, oh well, I've learned to except it. So yeah.
Fourth off, I have a grammar test Friday.
Fifth off, I hate drawing flip books.
But other than that, things haven't been so bad.
Peace out.

**EDIT- Ok.. so I didn't get out of going to the doctors. Argg.
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