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Wow. Intense night tonight.
I hung out with Alyssa (which was TOTALLY awesome), Gianina who I have missed so much, Kyle, Sarah and Elaine. We saw Into The Blue which was like the most confusing and retarded movie ever. Crazy stoned Jamacians, Porn names, Crazy mexicans, Guns in fish (?), crazy black mobsters, the nipple (which Kyle didn't see), some dude that can hold his breath for like three days, cocaine, and uhh fish? God I don't even know. We had a good time making fun of it though. After that we walked to the diner, which at first seemed like a really bad idea but turned out being so much freaking fun. It was dark, raining and foggy and we were crossing 347 or whatever, so we all like darted across the road and then we turn around and Sarah is like strolling across the road with her bright blue blazer on. God it was hilarious, even the people in the cars waiting for her to cross were pissing themselves. Yeah so then we got to the diner and Alyssa and Brandie showed up and we ate and whatnot. Gianina didn't finish her hamburger so she just wraped it up in a napkin and put it in her bag (don't worry.. I'm not will make sence later). So after that we crossed back over and were just like walking through the parking lot. Then like, out of nowhere, this car like almost hit us and while the guy was like 3 seconds from running over our feet he ditched freaking ice cream out of his car and it landed on my shoes and pants and shit. Bassstarddd. So then we were all like Wow what the fuck..then kept walking. But then like a minute later the freaking idiots in the car circled back and were like following us so then we were like shit, get behind the car incase this dude deicides to hit us. So we are just there watching this car come toward us, and Gianina gets this brilliant idea (I'm being totally scarcastic) to take out her left over hamburger and fucking hurl it at this dudes car. Holy crap was it funny, but holy shit did we have to run like hell afterwards. We fingured that it would be a good idea to run into Lowes since there was a lot of people. Me, Elaine, Kyle, Alyssa and Brandie made it but then we were missing Gianina and Sarah. Turns out that they were still in the parking lot but they were looking for the dude in the car. They said he was like scaning the parking lot for us. So then, I don't know why, but we deicided to leave Lowes, and we bailed out the back since we didn't want that guy seeing us. So we were walking in this dark creepy as hell alley were it looked like we could have gotten raped..but it was funny. So yeah, we walked down there and talked and shit, then Elaines dad picked us up and we went home. Then like three seconds after I got home I went to Lauren and we played the best game of Mario Party yet. Yo, 20 stars in a 35 turn? You bet. Now I'm super hyper because I'm on like a freaking adrenaline rush.
The end.
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Dude, that was so funny. I was running and laughing at the same time. That was legendary.
that burger made the loudest noise when it hit that car. it was like BOOM! wtf.!
Hah! Yeah, that was hilarious.
I don't know what the hell they put in that burger, it sounded like she threw like a freaking brick of lead at their car.
That has been by far one of the best weekends ever.
hahahaha yeah mario party was pretty sweet.

haha i miss gianina tooo !
I love Lauren.
The end.