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February 12th, 2006 at 12:56pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Hehe.  Oops.


Holy Shit

January 23rd, 2006 at 6:17pm]
hi my name is janine, and i like to be mean to elders, and take advantage of them, all day long.

oh yeah and i have global aids :-)
4 - Holy Shit

January 17th, 2006 at 9:21pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

This is my heart being ripped from my chestCollapse )

8 - Holy Shit

January 16th, 2006 at 9:59pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I LOVE 24!!!




Holy Shit

January 16th, 2006 at 10:53am]
[ mood | calm ]

Hmm. Update. Uhhh well this week really sucked massive ass. Nothing really went right which made it hard.
And me and Dave broke up which really sucks, but shit happens. We're still friends.
But the good parts were good. I had dinner with Elana and Congressman of New York State Steve Israel which was awesome. And afterwords me and Elana planned out our sick Ive Leauge Tea Party, gosh I can't wait it's going to be so much fun. And I finally watched Donnie Darko, mann what a movie.
And I got to hang out with Lauren a lot which is always a good time. We beat THAW again.. Now we have it beat one Story Mode easy and normal, and classic mode normal and all goals complete on sick which is sooo amazing. Kiss the ground I walk on children, I got 1,250,000 points..and 1,000,000.. pro and sick scores. Love me! Haha, good thing me and Laur have no life. Yeah so we went to the mall and stuff and bought belts and cd's and everything, it was a good time. And ahhhh! 24!!! I love that show!! Me and Laur had a 24 party yesterday. I was so sad when President Palmer got killed UGH he was my favorite! He made me feel so safe! He's the reason why I trust Allstate! UGHH! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE MEE!! Hah, so needless to say we had a good time watching that.
And whatwhat MLK today! He's my brother.
Peace man, PEACE.

2 - Holy Shit

January 7th, 2006 at 11:18am]
[ mood | blank ]

Ok, it's been a while. A very long while as a matter of fact.
A lots been going on and everything has been going very well.
Yesterday was a lot of fun. After school I hung out with Dave for a little then walked him to work. Lauren, Danielle, Mikel and Colin came later and we went to the chineese food place. Haha, I don't think we are very welcome there anymore. To start with, me and Col didn't want chineese food so we stoped by the pizza place to pick up slices. Hah it was funny, while we were in there Col had a wonderful idea of making a blowdart out of a straw and toothpicks. Haha Frankie thought it was such a good idea, he's so sicckkk. OK so we brought the pizza slices into the chineese food place. Places don't usually let you do that but I've done it before so I knew it was ok and I thought it would have been with them since we are basically the reason they are still in business and that Mikel Lauren and Danielle were buying food. But while we were all at the chineese place Mikel and Col thought it would be a good idea if they started a spit ball fight. Haha Mikel got a few on the window and it was ickkyy. I wasn't really paying attention during this time because I was looking at Laurens Flordia pictures on her new not broken camera.But then the chineese lady that is usually our friend came over and started to yell at Col and it was like yosupbitch get out my face. So then we were all like wow that's gay, and then Lauren went to go pay. Apparently the chineese lady gave her a attitude too and MeHooLingChing was all like You know a lot of places don't usually let people with outside food come in blah blah but if they are going to make a mess I'm going to have to stop allowing them in here blah blah and then she went on to repeat herself three times and Laur was like Yo bitch I got it the first time... and then we left and went to KK. Col and Danielle were running around and shit and we were kind of obnoxious.. but not much more than usual. And then this old gay man came up to us and was like Yo you're going to have to leave you can't have that skateboard in here. But it was so gay because he wasn't even on it, he was just holding it. Hah it was so stupid. After that we went back to Laurens and we beat THAW which was pretty cool. Then at 730 I went to the movies with Ginaina and Courtney and then this kid Chris came and then Jim and Nick came. Yeah so we saw that movie about the special olympics. It was ok, it had it's moments. It's so stupid though because they made it into like a feel good family movie. It was supposed to be brutal and ruthless! Argsldnflsbdf. Oh well. So after that me and Ginaina went to Red Lobster because everyone else had to go home. We had a lot fun, we talked a lot about everything. I love hanging out with her! Hah, so yeah after that we dropped her home and it was like 1130 and I was tired so I went to bed.
The end

4 - Holy Shit

December 20th, 2005 at 8:24pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Ok, so I had to post this souly because of the answers I got.. God I'm so fucking gangster. And yes, there is two. How did you expect me to do only one, seriously. Dear Santa..Collapse )

8 - Holy Shit

December 18th, 2005 at 5:08pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Ughhh today SUCKED
I went Christmas shopping for my friends because I'm a jackass and waited last minute.
God, I learned my lesson. But to top it off for some reason I thought going to the mall would be a good idea. Yeah I was so wrong. So I spent like 15 minutes looking around FYE for anything.. left enpty handed. Then I went to GameStop..left empty handed. So then I was like yo fuck this man and went to Best Buy and got everything. That made life so easy.
So, today I learned a valuable life lesson.
Start christmass shopping in March
I'll write it down in my remember book. NEVER will I ever wait untill last minute again.
And to top it off my mom is in a bitchy mood as always.
I was supposed to hang with Dave tonight but now I think my mom is going to make me do laundry instead which realllllyyy pisses me off alot. I'm going to see if he can come over so then I can hang out with him and do laundry at the same time? I don't think my mom will agree to it because it's rude, but I'm going to try for it anyway.
Yeah, and Muffy is really pissed of at me because I'm a horrible friend and it sucks.
Shes been apologizing for flipping out on me on the phone last night, but I know shes not really sorry because I know I've been an asshole.
Ughh, but what is there to do.
Peace out kids.

2 - Holy Shit

December 11th, 2005 at 8:29pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

You know what kids, life has been fucking good to me. I've been very happy ever since like Thanksgiving when I last wrote hah. I don't care though because this is just me talking to Lauren. SUP BITCH. Anywho. Yeah, I'm doing well in school which is pretty sick. I've been going out with Dave which has been fucking amazing. I've been hanging out with Lauren which is always fucking sick. I haven't had a lot of work which is a HUGE check plus plus. And well, thats basically it. Lifes good kids, life is good. Anywho. I got this from Elana..and I was bored..so I did it.


So.. shoot meCollapse )

6 - Holy Shit

November 24th, 2005 at 7:16pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Ok, you got me.
I'm thankful for being an only child.



10 - Holy Shit

November 16th, 2005 at 7:17pm]
[ mood | content ]

I got a letter from the world today saying that it was jelious of my Homies collection.
I wrote back saying Yo, you best be.
I have over 50..I kind of lost count after that.
One of these days I'll post a picture of all of them just to rub it in your faces.
Hah, I say 'your' like more then three people read this. Ohh welll.
P.S. I'm getting a C in Math bitchesss. I'm soo happy. I built up from a D to a C in less then 5 weeks.
You can just call me Enstine and call it a day.
Hot Damn. Peace.

5 - Holy Shit

November 6th, 2005 at 4:26pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Ok, so this weekend was really freaking awesome.

Friday-Hung out with Lauren after school.  We walked up to 7-11 and got these freaking sick holloween silly straws.  They were only a dollar, how could we say no.  Yeah, so we got slurppies while we were there also.  Then on the way to King Kullen we picked up Danielle.  We went to the pizza place to grad a slice and then proceeded to King K and bought some party mix.  Me and Danielle had a pretty intense cheese grater vs. turkey baster fight.  Anywho, lets get to the good stuff.  So, we just started walking home and we saw this poor old lonely shoping cart just sitting on the side of the road across the street from King K.  So we were like, what the hell, and we took it.  After we were walking down the block with it for about a minute we were like shit, where are we going to keep this...then we forgot to answer the question.. so we kept walking and we were over infront of the "cat house" and there were people outside down that street, so we were like oh shit and like stopped pushing the cart and just kept like walking, but stalling and waiting for them to go inside.  Well, the one guy outside got into his car and left, but there was still this other guy out on his stoop like blazing or something, I don't know, but he was weird, so we were like ok what the fuck, we will just be really quite.  And that was really hard so Lauren had this really stupid idea that the cart wouldn't be as loud if she ran down the road with it on two wheels.  So shes running down the street and all of a sudden the cart goes like fucking crazy and she like flys and falls on the road and holy shit.  It was the funnies thing ever!  And I can't even say that I almost pissed myself, man, I can never say that again.  And this is why.  After we were all like over the fact that Lauren fell like a fucking idiot she was like yo, I think I pissed my pants.  And we usually say shit like that a lot, but shit, she actually pissed herself.  That was the funniest fucking thing I think I have ever fucking seen in my life. Holy shit, I love Lauren 300 billion times than I use to, Shes offically my idol.  Holy crap, I can not describe in words how fucking funny that was.  And it didn't really help that we were laughing harder than before because Lauren was trying to hold on what she had left and holy shit, I'm like dieing typing this.  I think this was the funniest thing that has happened in the longest time.  So then after we got over the fact that Lauren pissed herself we realized that the stoner guy went inside (probably because he was freaking afraid of us... I don't blame him) we like ran down the street..and then walked because we are lazy.. So yeah,  we are walking down the street talking about where we are going to keep this thing.  We wanted to put it in the basement, but if  Mrs.K found it we would be SO dead.  So we were like yeah scratch that.  We finally concluded on keeping it across the street in the woods over by the sump. But then the real problem became how we were going home.  The options were either A. going 5 minutes out of the way to walk around the block and possibly get cought by one of thoes chatty mothers that would rat us out or B. Go past my house with my mother home.  So we were basically screwed either way.  So then Danielle came up with an amazing idea (this is why we hang out with her... me and Lauren aren't so smart.. so we need some brains and common sence in the group hah) that I would go inside and tell my mom to help me out with the computer because Lauren was having Ipod problems and to try and keep her distracted while Lauren and Danielle ran down my block and stashed the cart.  It was risky, but really our only option, so we did it.  It was working out perfectly at first because I'm an amazing liar when it comes to my mom.  But then of course Jake started barking, so I was like oh shit, and then my mom was like Oh hold on I'm to go see what the dog is barking at, so I'm like oh fuck, but thankfully Lauren and Danielle ran fast enough that my mom didn't see them... well, at least I don't think she saw them, she didn't mention anything to me when she came back.  So I BSed with her for a few minutes then "gave up" and went back over.  We actually did something fucking right.  Man, if I had a calander I would mark the date.  And there is like no way we can cought like we did with the Jackass tape because there is no evidence we did it. Fuck yeahhh. Man, that was like the best fucking 3 hours of my life!  So after that we had a vicotry Mario Party game and a bit after that me and Lauren went to the Rinx with Ginanian, Elaine, Court, Jen, this kid Bobby, and other people.  God, I love hanging out with Gianina. I swear to fucking god, shes so much fun. Sooooo much funny shit happened but my Friday entry is getting a bit long so I'll just skip to the best part.  It was getting late and none of us really wanted to skate so we were hanging out by the lockers.  There were like the little lockers then there were these big ones that like people could fit in.  So Gianina and Aaron were each going in and we were all jokeing around and whatever.  So Aaron was in one and hes like Yo get Gianina,  so I was like ok and I knocked on her locker..and she wasn't answering..so I was knocking some more..nothing, so then I went to open it and I couldn't.... It was jammed.  So I guess Gianina heard me go OH FUCK GUYS IT'S JAMMED! GIANINAS INSIDE! And like all of a sudden like the whole thing is like shaking because shes freaking out.  Holy shit it was so funny, I couldn't even help them open it I was laughing so hard, and god, Lauren almost pissed herself again.  I know it seems like a really crude thing to laugh at, you know, the whole your friend is stuck inside of a locker probably hyerventalating thing, but it was fucking HILARIOUS! Yeah, so she got out, and as shes walking out she has her fucking Fred Flintsone stuffed doll that she won from the claw machine on her pants, oh it was fucking hilarious, and she was ok, she thought it was funny too. Haha, oh god.  What a fucking night.

Saturday- We finally got to go to Pumpkin Fling.  It wasn't as good as last year because there was like 300 more people than last year which kind of killed it a bit.  But I don't think I have ever seen a crowd of more clueless people than I did here.  My god.  I'm not even explaining it.  And for the first time in my life I finally saw a real transfesitie.. besides sunshine.. like this one was really hard to tell, god it was fucking hialrious... I know, it's mean, but I don't care.  Gosh, hahaha.  It was hilrious.. my mom even thought it was funny because she couldn't tell either.  Yeah, but the one really good thing about the Fling this year was that they had a bunch of misfires that went into the crowd, hah it was fucking hilarious, and like after the pumpkin hit the floor all this little kids like ran at it and almost had a gang fight over who got the pumpkin, it was really funny.  I didn't really take any pictures, only movies.  So yeah, after that we went back to Lauren and played Mario Party, then hung out with Mr. K and my dad for a while, then went to the mall.  Bunch of crazy shit happened but I don't feel like typing anymore so I'm ending it here since NO ONE READS IT ANYWAY.  Basically it's for my own health anyway, but oh well.

Peace out

5 - Holy Shit

November 3rd, 2005 at 8:49pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Ok, so I've had one of the most stressful few days this week. It really did suck. I'm to the point where I don't even care if I fail all my classes. Usually I just say that but I really don't mean it. But I'm just so fed up with myself. I'm done. Finito. Zip. No more. Nada. Ni. Anyway. Sick awesome weekend lineup. Friday is the Rinx with Ginanina and whoever else, probably same gang bang as movies. Saturday is the fucking pumpkin fling which I have been waiting for since last year. It's fucking insane. It will probably be a picture update in the near future. Sunday MIKEL COMES HOME!!!!!!!! Then Monday will probably be a cake party at KingK for Mikel.. and it's invite only, so ha! Other than that I'm finished. P.S. Whis me luck on my math test tomorrow. I need it. Peace out

2 - Holy Shit

November 2nd, 2005 at 6:45pm]
Hey wow I'm so screwed!
The end.
Holy Shit

October 29th, 2005 at 11:30pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well, today was pretty ill. Me, Lauren and Danielle were going to go to the corn mazes today since Danielle might have not been able to Sunday, but we didn't, and she can still go tomorrow. I can't wait, corn mazes have been like tradish for four years or something crazy like that. Got to love it. Yeah, so we are going tomorrow and it's going to fucking own. So yeah, I went over Laurens at like 12 something so we could go to mall to work on our holloween costumes. Our initial idea was to be Philip and Terrence from South Park just because their totally idol material. But we changed our minds last minute since you can't really have much fun with a costume like that, it's just red and blue shirts with a T and a P.. big whoop. First we went into Journeys Kids because we wanted to play Tony Hawk. Then we got bored so we went into FYE just because it was like a compulsive reaction thing. And while we were in there we found just about the coolest thing ever. They are beanies with built in headphones...and it was only $8, so like shit we were all over that. I got a green one and Laur got a yellow one. They are sooo sick. So then we were like shit, that was our holloween money so we had to think of something we could be that would incorperate beanies. So then Lauren, being the brillient individual that she is, thought of the BEST idea ever. We are fucking being hippies for holloween. They didn't really wear beanies..expecially ones with headphones built in them, but hell, hippies are awesome. So I was like shit, Laur you own. So now hippies are we. I have an old Neil Young concert tee from my dad that is like tie dyed and has a peace sign, so I'm going to wear that and like jeans and shit, and Laur has a tie dye shirt she made last year, so we got it all covered. Yeah, so after that we went back to Laurens house and played Mario Party for like two hours and it was pretty awesome. Collin stopped over for a few minutes which was cool because I haven't seen him in a while. Yeah so like a few hours after that we were like yo lets go to the movies since we had to see Wallace and Grommet for extra credit for Film, so we did. We got the 8:30 show or whatever and like the whole world was in the threater with us. It was weird. But damnnn was it a cute movie, I loved it. So after that we went to cold stone since Laur and NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE. Total sin. God. Then, uh, we got picked up and now I'm home. The End.
Remember to set the clocks back kiddies.
Have a super ill Holloween and rememeber not to take apples from strangers because they have razor blades in them. And be safe, don't talk to strangers, watch for gangs, use a condom.
Peace out son.

2 - Holy Shit

October 22nd, 2005 at 12:38pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Note to self:
Make post about the pickle bet gone bad
aka. Worst hour of my life
aka. Major Props to Lauren
aka. Danielle where is the fucking money son.

4 - Holy Shit

October 17th, 2005 at 6:56pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Ok, it's Monday. Of course this is going to be a bad entry.
First off, I was like sick all weekend and which totally sucked gay alien dick. But I got out of going to the doctors which I'm really happy about because my mom is lameee.
Second off, apparently I have like an identical twin...which is really creeping me out because she looks exactly like me. Muffs friend found some picture in some magazine from Warped Tour and there was a girl that just so happened to look like a total clone from me. God help this world if there is more than one of me. But yeah, so now I can't get over this, and neither can anyone else...because it's just that scary. If you haven't seen it yet just tell me to bring the article to school so I can show you. I wish I was fucking exaggerating.
Third off, my math teacher sent my mom an email telling her that I currently have "just below a C" which is a nice way of saying a big fat fucking D. Well, at least she was nice about it? I'm not going to say that my mom didn't care, because she did, she just didn't like yell at me. I know, I was kind of creeped out too. I though she'd rip my head...but I had an excuse. Every weekend I have been asking her to find a math tutor for me and she has been putting it off.. but I'm not blaming it on her if thats what you think I'm getting to.. I know I just suck at life and at math, oh well, I've learned to except it. So yeah.
Fourth off, I have a grammar test Friday.
Fifth off, I hate drawing flip books.
But other than that, things haven't been so bad.
Peace out.

**EDIT- Ok.. so I didn't get out of going to the doctors. Argg.

3 - Holy Shit

October 14th, 2005 at 10:59pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Ok, so here it goes.
I'm failing at like life.
Math I totally have an F billion.
History I have a C+ which really ticks me off because last year I never got below an A on a test.
I don't even want to know about Film.
I think English and Bio are the only things holding me up. Gosh.
Today sucked for the most part.
After school was fun because I went to Laurens and me, Laur, and Danielle played Mario Party and cooked like madmen. Then Danielle left and like 3 hours later we went to the mall. I got Muff her birthday present because I think I'm going to her house tomorrow? I don't remember. Oh well.
Ok, so then Laur had the greatest idea ever to make some music mixes for the basement.
Basement Mix HOMIES
Basement Mix SON
Basement Mix OH TRUE
..Watch out Now 37!.. Ok, bad attempt at humor. I know.
Yeah, so after we were done mixing it up we went into the basement and played a 35 rounder of Mario Party. And well, after that I walked home. And guess what.. It was raining. I know I know, what kind of crazy talk is that? Rain? Where?
..Sorry for the bad humor again.. I swear I'll try and stop..not

3 - Holy Shit

October 9th, 2005 at 11:24pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Wow. Intense night tonight.
I hung out with Alyssa (which was TOTALLY awesome), Gianina who I have missed so much, Kyle, Sarah and Elaine. We saw Into The Blue which was like the most confusing and retarded movie ever. Crazy stoned Jamacians, Porn names, Crazy mexicans, Guns in fish (?), crazy black mobsters, the nipple (which Kyle didn't see), some dude that can hold his breath for like three days, cocaine, and uhh fish? God I don't even know. We had a good time making fun of it though. After that we walked to the diner, which at first seemed like a really bad idea but turned out being so much freaking fun. It was dark, raining and foggy and we were crossing 347 or whatever, so we all like darted across the road and then we turn around and Sarah is like strolling across the road with her bright blue blazer on. God it was hilarious, even the people in the cars waiting for her to cross were pissing themselves. Yeah so then we got to the diner and Alyssa and Brandie showed up and we ate and whatnot. Gianina didn't finish her hamburger so she just wraped it up in a napkin and put it in her bag (don't worry.. I'm not insane..it will make sence later). So after that we crossed back over and were just like walking through the parking lot. Then like, out of nowhere, this car like almost hit us and while the guy was like 3 seconds from running over our feet he ditched freaking ice cream out of his car and it landed on my shoes and pants and shit. Bassstarddd. So then we were all like Wow what the fuck..then kept walking. But then like a minute later the freaking idiots in the car circled back and were like following us so then we were like shit, get behind the car incase this dude deicides to hit us. So we are just there watching this car come toward us, and Gianina gets this brilliant idea (I'm being totally scarcastic) to take out her left over hamburger and fucking hurl it at this dudes car. Holy crap was it funny, but holy shit did we have to run like hell afterwards. We fingured that it would be a good idea to run into Lowes since there was a lot of people. Me, Elaine, Kyle, Alyssa and Brandie made it but then we were missing Gianina and Sarah. Turns out that they were still in the parking lot but they were looking for the dude in the car. They said he was like scaning the parking lot for us. So then, I don't know why, but we deicided to leave Lowes, and we bailed out the back since we didn't want that guy seeing us. So we were walking in this dark creepy as hell alley were it looked like we could have gotten raped..but it was funny. So yeah, we walked down there and talked and shit, then Elaines dad picked us up and we went home. Then like three seconds after I got home I went to Lauren and we played the best game of Mario Party yet. Yo, 20 stars in a 35 turn? You bet. Now I'm super hyper because I'm on like a freaking adrenaline rush.
The end.

5 - Holy Shit

October 6th, 2005 at 9:06pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Today sucked.
I'm offically back on my normal stress level of way to high.
Blue Man is helping me a bit, but not even their music is getting me relaxed.
Arrrggg. I hate grammar. A lot. As ignorant as that may sound, I really do.
Anyone have any good stress management tricks? Because my playdough isn't really cutting it for me anymore, sad, but true.
Well, I hope you all had a good day.
Peace out.

3 - Holy Shit

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